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The Mascot The Mascot

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh hells yes

You NEED to win something for this. It's so awesome.
Love the animated characters-in-real-life thingie. Hope to see more stuff like this from you, even if it might take a while to make. 8D


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I've never seen so many videogame parody clich├ęs in one flash.

The graphics in SFB part were alright, but the rest was pretty meh. I kinda expected that you all would've improved since your previous flashes, but it all looks pretty much the same, some of you seem to get worse at flash even. What was up with the humor? C'mon, this was fun like... two years ago. References to Meteroid, Indiana Jones, Super Mario, Duke Nukem, The Matrix, Metal Gear Solid, etc. is just boring. Whats so fun about a popular character appearing on the screen for 2 seconds? There were no real jokes in the movie, and the "jokes" that were supposed to be funny were completely butchered by the awful voice acting and/or the terrible sound mixing of voices, sound effects and popular theme tunes.

Not that I'm trying to be somekinda flamer here, but you had all been working on this for so long, and when it gets out it's just poor tweens, old jokes, and scripts that doesn't make sense. When I had finished watching it I was just confused and had no idea what had just happened. I felt more bored than I did before I started watching this flash. I'm just very dissapointed. Maverick had a very impressive opening, until the first scene was over, and it was just a boring kid talking to his TV with almost no animation to look at. I could barely watch Axel Labbe's part after the first "joke", and what was with the animation? You used to be good at this. LegendaryFrog continues with his bad use of gradients and also continues to steal jokes. This time we have the "Bingo on tuesday" joke from Spaceballs, hooray. Well that was the only "joke" I could find in his part. Headshots timing was awful, and the voice acting was hilariously bad. Also I'm curious if you can draw anything without using a reference picture. The only part that had actually good animation was SFB, but they also had the most reference jokes, wich made their part kind of boring.

I think you guys should read some reviews and try and get better at what they say you're bad at, and like, y'know, try to improve. You guys used to be able to make me laugh, but now you just seem to think you can get away with making the same kind of crap over and over. It's not fun anymore, it's just annoying. Try and come up with something new. Like... a video game parody that makes fun of the actual video game, maybe? (Without making pointless references to other games) Seriously though, you guys need to try harder. SFB part had lot's and lot's of improvement since their last tween-animation, and they're getting better, but you others are still doing the same thing as before except you've coloured the outlines of your characters, or traced a few more pictures.

Try and come up with some original jokes.

Also, LF, please stop using that voice when you do voiceacting. It's not funny anymore. It's just annoying.

Good luck to you all with your future stuff. Hopefully it will be... different.

Qwazilium Qwazilium

Rated 4 / 5 stars



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BR's Climate Chaos BR's Climate Chaos

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This must've taken you guys ages to make. No wonder you haven't been active on the net alot lately. The engine, the fbf'ed sequence, it's all great. I'm drooling all over this game. It's amazing.